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LA CASA COLORATA, to feel at home even when you are travelling.

Via Giovanni Bellezza 17, 20100 MILANO IT

+393472576071 +393664319186
We rent flats for short periods in Milan, to those who are travelling for work, study or pleasure, even for just one night. Our HOUSE is COLOURED like its flats: RossoDiSera, BluOltremare, GialloLimone (Via Bellezza 17- CIR: 015146-CNI-01786) and NeroSuBianco (Corso di Porta Vigentina 18 - CIR: 05146-LNI-00330). Each flat is independent, has a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a distinct personality and welcomes you with its colours and many comforts, in a joyful environment with attention to sustainability, hygiene and cleanliness.



Milano, IT


Milano, IT



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Our Guests Say:

A magical place in the centre of Milan, close to supermarkets, restaurants and local shops. The kitchen has everything you need to prepare a nice lunch after a relaxing moment in the sauna. Everything is taken care of down to the smallest detail. A few meters away there is a beautiful park, with areas for children and four-legged friends. If you want a place that has everything you need to feel at home, this is the right place. Whenever I come back to Milan, this will be my place!!

Via Bellezza 17, 20136 Milano IT

Via xxxxx 17, 20136 Milano IT